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Richard S. Baker, M.D. [ Edit Your Profile ]

Email Address: baker@jsei.ucla.edu
Work Email Address: rbaker2@ucla.edu
Work Email Address: rickbaker4@aol.com

Fax Number: (323) 563-5911
Work Phone Number: (323) 563-4889

Mailing Address:
1731 East 120th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90059

Charles Drew University Dean, College of Medicine and Science Assistant Dean of Research, Vice President for Research, Charles Drew University Associate Professor, Department of Ophthalmology Director, Division of Urban Epidemiology and Informatics Director, Medical Student Research
UCLA Associate Professor, Ophthalmology

M.D., Harvard/M.I.T Program, Cambridge MA, 1984 - 1984
M.D., Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, 1977 - 1984
B.S., Stanford University, 1973 - 1977
Academic Experience:
1987 - 1989 University of Minnesota, Epidemiology
1984 - 1987 Joslin Diabetes Center/Harvard Medical School, Opthalmic Epidemiology


Dr. Richard Baker's role on this grant is Co-Chair for the Pilot and Collaborative Translational and Clinical Studies. He will also serve on the Internal Advisory Board and Institutional Steering Committee. He currently serves as Provost and Dean of the College of Medicine at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) and Associate Dean at the David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM). In addition, he is Chair of the Council of Scientific and Clinical Affairs of the California Medical Association. He has previously served as Director of several major research Centers at CDU including the NCRR funded RCMI Biomedical Research Center, the AHRQ funded Center for Health Services Research and as the founding Co-Director of the CDU Urban Center for Telemedicine Excellence. Particularly relevant to this application, he has had a long standing history (well over a decade) of productive inter-institutional research collaborations as a core leader through the CDU/UCLA Project Export Center (NCMHD), the UCLA/CDU/RAND Exceed Center (AHRQ), the UCLA/CDU Health Community Access Demonstration Project (HRSA) and as associate Director of the UCLA Center for Eye Epidemiology. His previous positions include Assistant Vice President for Research, Associate Dean for Research, and Assistant Dean for Research with significant responsibility for strategic planning, research faculty development and development of research infrastructure. Primary research interests include ophthalmology, epidemiology, health services research, telemedicine and translational research related to the elimination of health disparities. He has received recognition and awards for public health, telemedicine, and community based research and service.

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