Last updated on 02-16-2018

Cellular Bioenergetics (XF24-3 Analyzer)

The Cellular Bioenergetics Core provides access to the XF24-3, a unique instrument that quantifies the activity of two major cellular energetic pathways, mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis, in cultured cells. The XF Technology: (1) measures O2 consumption rate, extracellular acidification rate, and CO2 production rate of living cells simultaneously in real time, (2) does not require the addition of dyes, labels, or reporters, (3) is capable of assaying cell lines, primary cells, isolated mitochondria, and small tissue pieces, (4) typically requires only 30,000 to 80,000 cells/well in 24-well plates, (5) measures adherent cells without requiring trypsinization, (6) does not affect cells and plates, which can then be used for an additional assay, (7) allows measurements to be repeated multiple times to measure kinetic responses, and (8) accommodates the addition of up to four test compounds (drugs or substrates) to each well, with measurements performed before and after the addition of each compound.

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Last modified: 02-16-2018