Last updated on 02-21-2018

LA BioMed Medical Mass Spectroscopy Facility (Stable Isotope Tracing)

The Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Facility (BMSF) supports clinical research projects in clinical nutrition and metabolic research. The BMSF specializes in experimental design using stable isotopes and analytical methods (13C carbon tracing) for physiological or metabolic investigations. It provides unique services in isotopomer distribution analysis of metabolites (tracer-based metabolomics) using GC/MS (or LC-TOF). In addition, the BMSF offers collaborations in the area of metabolite profiling and modeling of metabolic systems with tracers. Services provided includes: (1) sample preparation, (2) quantitative and qualitative analysis by GC/MS, IRMS and LC/MS, (3) consultation, (4) collaboration in metabolite profiling and tracer-based metabolomics, and (5) training on approved projects.

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Last modified: 02-21-2018