Last updated on 02-21-2018

Exercise Physiology Laboratory

The Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory (EPRL) promotes the discipline of exercise physiology in research and teaching at the UCLA campus, and is unique in its focus on applied exercise physiology conducting human research. It promotes a prevention model of wellness, focused on forestalling disease development through the enhancement of health and fitness practices in individuals. Additionally, the research conducted in the EPRL analyzes cutting edge technology with an aim of improving performance in fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. Health-fitness assessments include: (1) aerobic performance; (2) pulmonary function; (3) body composition; (4) muscle performance; (5) functional movement screen; (6) total energy expenditure; (7) sleep quality; (8) cardiovascular health risk & HRV; (9) posture; and (10) performance tracking.


Last modified: 02-21-2018