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Michael Palazzolo, M.D., Ph.D. [ Edit Your Profile ]

Email Address: mpalazzolo@mednet.ucla.edu

Work Phone Number: (310) 351-4443

CTSI Associate Director, Member, CTSI
UC Braid Director, CAI
UCLA Associate Professor, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine



Dr. Palazzolo is Director of the David Geffen School of Medicine Accelerator and Director of the UC Center for Accelerated Innovations. Dr. Palazzolo received his undergraduate, MD, and PhD from Columbia University. He did a postdoctoral fellowship at Caltech. He was Director of the Human Genome Center at Berkeley and was Associate Director of the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project. He collaborated with Amgen on the establishment of their internal genomics program. He became a Senior Director at Amgen and was responsible for management of Research's technology platforms. After Amgen, he spent several years working with venture capital firms in Los Angeles, California and Boulder, Colorado. During the past seven years he has worked as a consultant on translation programs in academia that are geared towards the development of small molecule therapeutics.

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