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Gopal Sapparapu, Ph.D., M.B.B.S. [ Edit Your Profile ]

Email Address: GopalSapparapu@ucla.edu

UCLA Platform Technology Manager, Therapeutic Antibody Laboratory



Dr. Sapparapu joined the Therapeutic Antibody Lab as Platform Technology Manager in July, 2107. In this role, he helps in designing and implementing protocols for high-throughput protein expression and characterization, V domain sequence analysis. kinetics and other relevant areas. His work is focused on developing antibodies for stimulating hematopoiesis and for cancer immunotherapy. Prior to coming to UCLA, he was a Research Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt Vaccine Center at Vanderbilt University. There he helped establish a high-throughput human antibody discovery and characterization platform for identifying lead candidate antibodies against several virus such as Zika, norovirus, chikungunya, dengue and others. He also worked on several antibody engineering projects including designing bispecific antibodies and antibodies for transcytosis and transepithelial migration. His doctoral work involved generation of hybrid proteolytic antibodies against Hepatitis C virus protein E2, HIV gp120, and β amyloid protein.

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